• DJ AM Live at Marquee, NYC
  • DJ AM Live at Room Service, NYC
  • Fashion Week Kickoff at Cain, NYC
  • Fashion Week party at Tenjune, NYC
  • Slick Rick Birthday Party at Plumm, NYC
  • Grey Goose Presents New Years Eve at the Upstairs, NYC
  • John Legend’s Birthday Party at The Plumm, NYC
  • Gym Class Heroes Live at Mansion, NYC
  • Ice-T’s Birthday Party at The Plumm, NYC
  • In-Touch Weekly Party feat. Kanye West at Tenjune, NYC
  • Miguel, Howlin’ Wolf, NO
  • Killer Mike & Immortal Technique, House of Blues, NO
  • The Vettes, Howlin’ Wolf, NO
  • Invitational Black Art Exhibition, NO
  • Dog Day Afternoon, LASPCA Fundraiser Event, NO
  • South Sudanese Cultural Showcase, NY
  • Skate Park Graffiti | Concert Pop-Up, NJ
  • Jersey City Fashion Week, NJ
  • Graffiti Art Exhibition, NJ
  • City of Newark Grafton Ave Community Block Party, NJ
  • City of Newark 24 hours of peace, NJ

FORM Festival. Miami - November 2016

FORM 2016 is an immersive fashion show and music festival. FORM provides a platform for visual artists &
designers to collaborate with musicians and sound artists to develop new fashion experiences.

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